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Concrete Void Filling: Filling the gaps, strengthening the foundation

This process can be used for foundations, walls, slabs, and other concrete structures. It can be used for both new and old structures, and it can be used as a preventative measure or to repair existing damage. The process typically involves drilling small holes into the concrete and injecting the grout mixture under pressure.

Filling gap
Strengthening The Foundation
Walls Repair

Benefits of Concrete Void Filling


Strengthening of foundations

By filling voids or cracks in concrete foundations, the overall structural integrity of the foundation can be improved.



Concrete void filling can also be used to seal and waterproof foundations, basements, and other structures to prevent water infiltration.


Stabilization of soil

Grout injection can be used to stabilize soil and prevent further settling or shifting of foundations.


Prevention of mold and mildew

By filling voids and sealing cracks, concrete void filling can help prevent the growth of mold and mildew in foundations and basements.

The Top applications for Polyjacking Concrete Void Filling include

Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete slab repair

Filling voids in concrete slabs can help improve the stability and levelness of the surface, and prevent further cracking or settling.


Foundation repair

Filling voids in foundations can help stabilize the structure and prevent damage from settling or shifting.

Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration

Filling voids in historical concrete structures can help preserve and restore the original appearance of the structure.

Road Bridge Repair

Road and bridge repair

Filling voids in roadways and bridges can help improve the stability and safety of the surface, and prevent further damage from heavy vehicles and weather.

Flood Protection

Flood protection

Filling voids in levees and other flood protection structures can help improve their ability to withstand water pressure and prevent failure during floods.

Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting and leveling

Filling voids in sunken concrete surfaces can help raise and level them to their original position, improving the appearance and safety of the surface.

Industrial flooring repair

Industrial flooring repair

Filling voids in industrial flooring can help improve the levelness and durability of the surface, and prevent damage from heavy equipment.

Underground Repair

Underground structure repair restoration

Filling voids in underground structures, such as tunnels and mines, can help improve the structural integrity and prevent collapse.

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